Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to make some money and monetize your website. Here I have listed a few of my favorite affiliate programs that I still use personally on websites like this one.

CPA - Pay Per Lead

Maximize revenue from your traffic by promoting offers from the Azoogle network of quality Advertisers. Azoogle delivers guaranteed HIGHEST payouts, rock solid net 15 payments, fanatical client support, and superior tracking technology.

CPC - Pay Per Click

Are you a publisher looking to maximize your advertising revenue? Applying to become a publisher of the RealTechNetwork may be what you have been looking for. Complete 100% sell-through of your traffic.

CPM - Pay Per Impression

Casalemedia offers the industry's highest payouts, 70% of the gross revenue, guaranteed! Jump on board the Casale Media advertising network and you'll discover an expansive selection of the world's most premium advertisers. Get access to the latest technology and start earning.

Pop Up Sponsors

ExitFuel is guaranteed income for your site! Until now, the vast majority of sites earn their revenue only through e-commerce or banner click commissions. It's quite possible that your site won't earn "squat" if the user fails to click on a banner or browses your site without buying. ExitFuel pays you for allowing them to show your visitors their sponsor pages when the visitor LEAVES your site! ExitFuel now pays $5 CPM!

Free Animations

Site of the Week

Access over 7.8 Million downloadable royalty-free clipart images, animations, photos, web graphics, sounds and fonts by subscription at iClipart.

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