Animation Software

Creating animated gifs is not really as tough as one might think, all you need is the right tool for the job. Below I have listed what I consider the best pieces of animation software for each type of animation you will need to create.

Animated Text Software

Traditional 3D programs are notoriously difficult to use and understand. Not so Xara3D. Unlike much modern 'bloatware' that offers more features than are ever likely to be used, and take an age to learn and understand, Xara3D has been created to perform one job, and performs that job with style, speed, and slick simplicity. Try it FREE!

Animated Gif Software

Adobe Photoshop 7 software introduces the next generation of image editing with powerful new features that offer something for every user. Delivering the broadest and most productive toolset available, Photoshop helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest quality results across all media. Buy It Now!

3D Character Animation

Poser is an easy-to-use animation tool, with dozens of prebuilt models of men, woman, children, animals, and assorted clothes and objects. Unlike many 3-D animation programs, though, Poser doesn't require massive amounts of memory or a warp speed processor. It runs well on machines with modest amounts of RAM and 200MHz processors. Buy It Now!

Free Animations

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Access over 7.8 Million downloadable royalty-free clipart images, animations, photos, web graphics, sounds and fonts by subscription at iClipart.

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