Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save animations to my hard drive?

For PC users whether you use Netscape or Internet Explorer right click on the image and chose "save as". For Mac users hold the mouse button over the image and choose "save image"


I tried to view the animation but it wasn't animated, what's going on?

All of the animations on this site "work". Make sure you are trying to view the animations with animation software. If you try and view the animations with a regular graphics program you will just get a still image. Also these animations will always work in html format. Try viewing these images in your browser or in Outlook Express.


Why don't your animations work in Microsoft word, Power Point?

I have no idea! Try reading the help and frequently asked questions for these programs, that's what they are for.


Do you have a juggling three toed donkey eating a banana animation?

No I don't. What you see is what you get. I don't have any secret stash or any other animations saved on my hard drive. You can always check back as the galleries are constantly updated.


Can I link Directly to these images?

Are you crazy? Of course you CAN'T. Can I steal your things? I pay for my bandwidth so every time an image loads I pay for it. You don't so why not just save them to your own site? Plus the images will load faster on your site if you just upload the images to your domain. Also 99% of hosting companies do not allow bandwidth theft and your site will be shut down immediately. So far I have had over 200 sites taken off the net for just this problem :-)


How do you make such great animations?

I use great programs. You can see the list of these programs and buy them at the lowest prices around by checking out my animation software page.


Are these animations free?

In a nutshell yes, for all you non profit and personal web page builders. A link back would be nice and you can also click on a banner for each animation you use, that will help pay the bills! Although these animations are NOT free for commercial websites, entities, or archivers.


What software did you use to make


Why when I edit the animation does it become still?

When you edit an animation with a standard photo or GIF editor and save it the program assumes you are saving a regular still GIF. To make sure you animations stay animated you must open the images for editing in an animation program, that way when saved they will be saved as animations.


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